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The right size High heels shoes

If you want to know which size High heels shoes you need, you will have to measure your feet. You can have this done in a shoe store, or you can easily do it yourself. If you want to measure the size of your feet yourself, place both feet on a sheet of paper that is larger than your feet and draw and line around your feet. When you have done this, you measure the length of your largest foot.


Measure the length of your foot

Once you have measured the length of your foot, you can easily find a table on the internet with the foot length indicated with the corresponding measurements. Do not only look at the EU size, there are also shoe brands that display the USA or UK size. When your foot actually needs half a size and the shoe you have in mind only uses whole sizes, always round your size upwards.

Measure the width of your foot

By measuring your foot you can also find out what width of shoes you need. To measure this, you must place a measuring tape around the widest part of the ball of your foot. Once you have measured it, you can look at shop2fashion for the nice shoes or find on the internet just as with the length of your foot where you can see what the width is. The width of a shoe is always indicated in letters. If this is not the case, then you must decide for yourself whether the shoe is comfortable and not too tight.
To find the right shoes online it is therefore important to know the dimensions of your feet. People’s feet change over the years. It is therefore important to measure your foot regularly so that you are always sure of the correct measurements of your feet.