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Carbon fiber material from a high quality

Did you know more and more companies use carbon fiber material? They discovered carbon fiber has many properties. It is strong, light weighted, stiff and it has a low strength. It is important material and it is everywhere. Carbon fiber material is used for products like bicycles, cars, boats, wheelchairs, shoes, skies and planes. Compositesplaza is a specialist in carbon fiber materials. We offer a wide range of composites materials from a high quality.


Carbon fiber materials for the best price

Compositesplaza is established in 2014. Our team members have a long term experience in the composites branch. It is our key strategy to offer products from a high-quality for an affordable price. Therefore we work together with well-known European suppliers. They deliver carbon fiber material from the best quality and for the best price. At our webshop you will find different fiber materials like carbon fabric tapes, carbon prepreg, non-woven carbon materials, multi-layer fabrics and tapes and special fabric patterns.


A large collection of carbon fiber material

We offer our customers a large collection of carbon fiber material. This material can be used in many industries, like the aviation industry, the automotive industry, the sports and leisure industry, the boat industry and the transport industry. If you order carbon fiber material at Compositesplaza, we will send your order within three working days. Do you want more information about our products? Then don’t hesitate to contact us for more information from our specialists.