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6 ways to boost happiness

Boost your happiness

People often wonder why happy people are so happy. Do they have special powers? Of course not! They do, however, have ways to control their own happiness. They spend time expressing gratitude, cultivating optimism, practicing kindness, nurturing loving relationships, committing to meaningful goals, enjoying the small pleasures of life, etc. But what do you think?

Happiness is available for everyone. Help yourself!Thich Nhat Hanh

We have listed 6 ways you can find your happiness!

1. Watch your company:

Yes, this may sound harsh. However, this is a key to happiness. You do not allow yourself to be consumed by things of others. Helps you! The energy and time you spend while you wonder what “What if’s” is. You create negative spaces to live in. Instead of worrying or creating fear of yourself. Create peace and harmony by removing the disagreement from your life. Albert Einstein once said: “From disord find harmony”. This is his full quote:

Three Rules of Work: From the clutter you find simplicity; From disagreement you find harmony; In the midst of difficulty lies the chance.Albert Einstein

2. Seeking approval from others:

Oh my God! I cannot tell you how many people are affected by approval. It doesn’t matter what you want approval. You are always dancing without an audience. When you allow yourself to receive judgment from yourself from external sources. You invite your uncertainties. Everyone has some kind of uncertainties, but not everyone needs a judge to approve them. If this is you stop it! You are enough! You don’t have to get approval to be you. Acceptance is key and not approval.

3. Looking for happiness from others:

Nobody can make you happy, but YOU! Happiness is a temporary emotion and it is constantly fleeting. You need more and more to stay happy. Assigning someone to your happiness is unfair and unrealistic. When you forge for happiness you lose the essence of that happiness. I personally like to find joy. Joy is eternal because it is not tied to an emotion. It is based on a sentimental meaning (family, friends, significant others, achievements, etc …). Find your source of joy? What is your source of joy?

4. Don’t let go of the past:

Do you want to escape? OK, this is not a SouthWest Airline commercial. However, it is an advertisement for the much-needed vacation from your past. Bringing extra baggage does not bring any good to your life. It does the exact opposite! Just like airlines, you can only have one hand luggage and one personal item. Everything else will be asked for a reimbursement. In life, extra baggage also comes for extra costs. But there is good news, it’s called opt-out! You can unsubscribe from the baggage claim at any time. Letting go is very hard to do. Not advancing is even harder. How to let go: forgive him, her or them for their offsets. I tell people to use this sentence that I learned years ago. First take a deep breath and then say: I forgive you and I forgive myself that I allow.

5. Negative environments:

OK, this is one of those situations that return to senders. I am always there to comfort someone who is in pain from a situation. However, I do not reserve in negative spaces. Staying too long in negative spaces will cause you to lose your happiness. I believe in emotional climate control. Just like climate change for the earth. There are outside forces that work with some intentionally and some unintentionally. You must decide how long you allow your atmosphere to be influenced by circumstances outside.

6. Taking the truth:

This is the most important and tricky of them all. The truth … it will set you free or let you run and hide. The purpose of truth is to be corrected or to bring light into the darkness. You know, truth reveals lies. We tell lies to others, but more importantly, we tell ourselves lies. Some lies are fancy, or fantasy! Fantasy is a great and scary phenomenon. In many ways it can protect you, but too long exposure or a long period of fantasy can have harmful consequences for the psyche, whoa it got it real! I started a series on our podcast about fantasy and loss. Believe it or not, people mourn a fantasy loss, just like mourning a personal loss. You can really go through a phase of mourning after a fantasy has been lost. Having friends or making confidants who are truth tellers are a blessing. Sometimes it doesn’t seem that way, when they give you honest feedback or constructive criticism. If they stab you by telling you the truth. Don’t close the relationship! Teach them how to deliver truths to you in a non-threatening way. Then you can Namaste together!