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Incrementalism: the idea that value is added step by step over time. How to use it to your advantage

Incrementality is great. They help us gauge our marketing success. Is the marketing campaign resulting in the desired outcome? An excellent way to measure the true incremental contribution of your paid media is by testing for incrementality in marketing. For example, if you want to test channel performance, set up an experiment with channel A and channel B. At the end of the experiment, compare channel A with channel B’s records. Incrementality in marketing is a great way to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. It can help you know which marketing efforts are paying off and which ones are not. This type of testing can provide the true incremental contribution of your paid media at the channel, tactic, campaign, or ad set level.


To measure the incrementality of media, audiences are divided into test and control groups. The difference in conversion rates between the two groups accurately gives us incrementality and clear reading on the marginal incremental contribution of that media channel.


The MMM and MTA methods of measurement are outdated. These methods cannot measure impressions, so marketers are left gauging clicks. The Incrementality measurement method accounts for the impression and clicks across each of the platforms under test, so you get a more accurate view of your true contribution. A new-age media measurement called incrementality measurement accounts for the impressions and clicks of each platform in your portfolio. MMM and MTA can’t account for views and impressions, so you’re not getting a complete picture of your advertising. If you are using Salesforce, marketing attribution is something you can’t miss. Odyssey has launched an app that integrates into Salesforce Datorama. Increased measurement can give marketers a more accurate idea of the true power of their message.


In this digitally overloaded world, it’s difficult to figure out what advertising strategies are effective for your business. Measured provides a solution to this problem by enabling cross-channel attribution, incrementality testing, and measurement. It’s easy to set up, as the company is already plugged into more than 100 media platforms.