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Secure internet with a private APN

With a Private APN solution you have control over the data traffic to and from the phone network.
Through a private link (e.g. VPN or direct physical link, A/V DSL, fiberglass, data center link, etc.) between the phone network and your own network, you will receive all the data traffic to and from the mobile network device.

This allows you to decide for yourself (firewall) how a mobile device can connect to the Internet and/or to link to the LAN or intranet. The service has global coverage.

Based on the SIM card number it is determined where the traffic should be delivered, for example via  a VPN connection or a physical link (A/V DSL, fibre optic, data centre link, etc.) to your own network.

More and more active devices are active outside your (office) company network. These connections are without Private APN connected to the ‘open’ internet and therefore unsecured.

With the Private APN service, the mobile devices, laptops and tablets are secured by your own router and firewall. Depending on the application, it may not even be desired to have internet on the Mobile phone. In these cases, only activate/route the necessary systems to this mobile device.

Think of specific machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.

Do you want a private APN for more security on all of your IoT devices and other mobile devices and laptops? Check out all the private APN options at Olivia Wireless and make sure that your home or company gets safe internet connection as soon as possible!