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HollandZorg is the place to go to arrange health insurance for foreign employees

All residents of the Netherlands are legally obligated to take out health insurance. This also applies to foreign employees who are registered in a Dutch municipality and have to pay wage tax during their stay in the Netherlands. In most cases, health insurance for migrant workers is arranged by the employer or temporary employment agency, but as a foreign employee you can also do it yourself. HollandZorg is the leading independent specialist in health insurance for flex immigrants. You’re assured of generous reimbursements, high-quality support and multilingual service.

European health insurance card entitles you to reimbursement of medical expenses

HollandZorg makes things easy for both employers and employees. An employer portal is available where employers can view the policy administration of their flex migrants and where they can simply register and unregister their foreign personnel. All migrant workers who have taken out a health insurance policy with HollandZorg receive a European health insurance card. With this EHIC card, flex migrants are entitled to reimbursement of their medical costs in EU countries, Switzerland and the three EEA countries of Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland. Claims can be submitted swiftly using a handy app from HollandZorg.

Tailor-made health insurance for the entire family

HollandZorg offers bespoke health insurance for foreigners in the Netherlands. You have the option of choosing additional health insurance and/or dental insurance coverage. Even if you already have health insurance in your country of origin, you’re still obligated to take out health insurance in the Netherlands. This also applies to your family members. HollandZorg offers an online application module to enable you to arrange appropriate health insurance for your entire family.

Are you interested in the health insurance policies for migrant workers from HollandZorg? Our customer service staff will answer all of your questions and requests. Call us at +31 (0)570 687 123, fill out the online contact form or stop by our office in the city of Deventer.