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Painting tips


If painting is not part of your hobby or job, you probably don’t do it that often. It probably has been a while since you painted something in your house for example. Maybe you’re starting about picking up painting again, or you just want to renovate your house by painting some of the furniture. Of course, there are also other products that you can paint. Think about things like shoes or jackets. You can paint these things with leather dyeor paint. Angelus paint is the most popular kind of leather paint on the market right now. Unfortunately, there aren’t many people that have heard of this brand yet. This article will tell you a little more about the Angelus leather paint. 


The paint that is produced by this company, is made specifically to paint leather. They have a lot of experience with all kinds of paint. But however, leather paint is their specialty. The leather paint from Angelus paintcan be used on all kinds of leather. But you should examine the leather first before painting it. If the leather is dirty, you should clean it first. The paint does not look as good on dirty leather. It might let go and leave marks. When you apply it on clean leather, the product will look like it just came from the store. 


Also, it is good to decide whether the product you are about to paint is meant to be used in- or outside. The kind of paint you will need to use, depends on this. For example: shoes that you are going to wear outside, should be painted with the kind of paint that can handle some water for when it rains. Things that you are only going to use inside, don’t need that extra protection. 


I hope this article gave you a little more information about painting your leather!