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Where is the best place to invest

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The best place where you can invest all your money, time and energy is ourselves, according to Steve Pavlina, American blogger, entrepreneur, personal performance coach, and author of the popular early wake-up method. The return on investing in your own skills and knowledge will be much higher than in the stock of any company, real estate, etc.

Investments in yourself can be assessed right now. For example, you really enjoy books on business and personal growth. You read a lot of them and invest a pretty decent budget in your education. Let’s say that in many books on business, ideas are rather vague, it seems to you that there is no way to apply them in practice, that the authors who write them are from a different reality. But you read over and over again. The ideas from these books are repeated over and over again, only described in different words. And then a great idea or thought about a new project comes to your mind. It would seem, quite by accident, you sort of came to this yourself. In fact, the books and the ideas that were reflected in them played a big role. Even what you have read fluently has managed to be deposited on the subcortex and, at the right moment, when the amount of knowledge gained has increased, a brilliant idea dawned on you. This idea may not necessarily be business related. If you smoke, self-development books will make your brain think a little differently, you will start thinking about the dangers of smoking over and over again, and after a while (we are sure) you will be able to make a decision to quit this addiction for good and start playing sports. If you have a “not-so-good” relationship with your significant other, by reading books on psychology, you can bring them back on track. Reading books certainly helps us a lot in real life, even if now we do not see the result from it.

Let’s take a closer look at the financial side of the issue. Steve Pavlina shares one very powerful trick he himself learned from Brian Tracy. The trick is that you have to save a certain amount every month, which you can spend with a clear conscience on developing and acquiring new skills. Tracy advises against setting aside a large percentage of your monthly salary so as not to overload your budget. It will actually be enough to save only 3% of what you earn. We don’t know why exactly 3%, maybe it’s some kind of magic number, but it really works. Let’s look at an example. Let’s say you make € 3,000 per month. 3% is only 90 euros, right? The amount is small, let’s think about what we can do with it. The first thing that comes to mind is to buy 3 nonfiction books every month and read them. But there may be a risk that you will not have time to read so many books. You can buy these books in audio format or subscribe to a suitable service in which you can listen and read an unlimited number of books. You can wait a few months and save up for something bigger. Do you already feel that all the doors are open in front of you now? 3% is not much, but you can spend it on really useful things.

If this amount makes you uncomfortable, then you can start with 1% or with a fixed amount. You can use them however you like. For example, Steve Pavlina was able to save up in this way for a home gym, which he had long dreamed of, but for which there was no time, effort and, most importantly, money. If you have seasonal depression (everything is gloomy, little light), then you can visit the spa or go for a massage. You can enroll in foreign language courses or other educational courses. Jump with a parachute. After learning this little secret, all roads become open.

This is a fairly simple habit that will allow you to constantly evolve, learn something new and not stand still. Just make a mark on your calendar on a certain date: “Today is the day when I save 3% for my development.” Summarize a little, see how much money you could save and spend on education in the last month. If you haven’t spent the full amount, combine your budget and plan what you want to know or see this month. There should be a specific goal that will prevent you from wasting those savings. You must constantly remember that you are investing in yourself, your development. This money will not pay off right now, but this investment will definitely pay off in the long term.

Steve Pavlina emphasizes that there must be a specific goal. Indeed, even if you find yourself in a store and you have 1 million euros in your wallet, but there is no shopping list, you will start taking everything, everything that may not be useful to you later. But now you know that the accumulated money needs to be spent on personal growth. Think about where exactly you can invest them. Let’s buy 30 shares from Better Your Health, 10 shares from Financial Wellbeing, 5 from Speech and Speaking Development, and 20 from Family Prosperity. Spend wisely, invest in self-development, the results will not be long in coming.

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