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This is what you should with your extra IPv4s

If you happen to have some extra IPv4 addresses you are not using and are not planning to use, then maybe keep on reading because this could benefit you big time. 

Businesses these days are very reliant on their networks and the internet in general. It is what keeps them afloat and relevant in today’s society. However, to be able to have their networks run in a normal way they need more IPv4 addresses than a regular person has. They need those address spaces in bulk and to get them they buy them from providing parties.

Selling IPv4 addresses is not a new thing, but since 2019, the transfer market for IPv4 addresses has never been the same.

What happened in 2019?

The RIPE NCC had officially declared that all of the IPv4 addresses have completely finished. There are no more of them to distribute to the masses. Because of the scarcity of the IPv4 address, the value of the address space shot sky high. Parties such as bankrupt companies that did have bulks of unused IPv4 address spaces were foaming at the mouth trying to sell them all at the new higher rates. If you have some to sell, then definitely try and give it a go. There are parties looking to buy IPv4 addresses often.

A few things to consider

If this is your first time trying to enter this transfer market of IPv4 addresses, you cannot go in blind. You will find yourself in boatloads of legal trouble and possibly real life danger. Things can get complicated pretty quickly without doing any research or getting an help. This is why we recommend seeking out an IP broker that you believe you can trust wholeheartedly. 

Getting help from an IP broker will save you from a lot of trouble and confusion while going through the process of selling IPv4 addresses. They have a lot of knowledge about the market and the process, so they will inform you about things that probably haven’t even crossed your mind, such as the rules of selling IPv4 addresses in a different country and if it’s legal in the country you are in.