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How do you get a better grip on your purchasing process?

The purchasing process in many organizations is still a process that many employees come into contact with. Think of the purchasing department, the financial department that processes and pays the invoices and the production employees who have to tell the purchasing department that it’s time to buy some new materials. These are some examples of people within your organization that can be involved with the purchasing process. Because there are so many people from different parts of your organisation involved with the purchase process, this process is often inefficient. This is a shame, as large profits can often be made here. In order to develop and organize the process, the purchasing process must be (partially) automated. That is why in this blog we take you through the process of purchasing automation!


E-procurement is the name given to the system that automates the purchasing process. All processes related to purchasing come together in the E-procurement system. As a result, you only need to appoint one person within your organization who knows and monitors the E-procurement system. This one person can take care of the entire purchasing process within your organization and make sure it runs smoothly. The price associated with purchasing an E-procurement system will initially be a bit of a shock, but the cost savings that this entails will be many times higher!


Because organizations often work with dozens of parties, the number of invoices to be processed per month is very high. The more invoices involved in this process, the greater the chance is that mistakes will be made in invoice management. Processing and paying invoices is one of the first processes that every organization should automate or at least simplify. You can automate the invoice process by linking an accounting program to your organization that automatically pays your invoices on time. There is really only one way to simplify the processing and paying of invoices. By purchasing more products/services from the same provider, the number of invoices you have to process automatically decreases. Therefore, always try to purchase as much as possible from one supplier! This not only makes a difference in the process of invoices, but you will probably also enjoy a cheaper cost basis because of an increase in purchases.