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Moving out

For some new or starting students leaving home is a dream that finally comes true, while other students in the same situation continue to live with their parents. Especially when you live close to your new school, the urge to move is a lot smaller. You do not have to travel that long and it is quite practically to stay in your parental home, both logistically and financially. First of all, it costs a lot less money, because most of the time you do not have to pay rent or costs to your parents. In addition, it all feels familiar what is nice when you just go to a new school and therefore enter a new phase of your life. In addition, it is also very nice to stay with your parents, brothers, sisters and other family members. Probably your family also likes it that you do not leave the house immediately. But in the end there is always an age that you would like to live on yourself and want to do your own thing. You may no longer be able to cope with your parents or your home situation, but it may also be that you have to relocate for work or that you simply want to create your own place for yourself in a new place. Leaving home does not necessarily mean that you have less contact with your parents, with some of us the band is getting a lot better. Precisely because of the distance you go looking for each other, since it is no longer so obvious that you see each other every day. In addition, it is also nice to ask for advice from your parents and your family when you first start living on yourself. For example, they can explain to you what the best airless paint sprayer or wagner viscosity cup is.