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Being a versatile professional photographer doesn’t automatically mean that you will get various different jobs accordingly. At arts school photographers have always been thought to specialise themselves in a certain field. This aims to boost professional performance and communicating the specialism to potential customers so that they know which photographer to select for certain jobs. The strategy comes from the heydays (when was that then??) of commercial and advertising photography where the professional art of photography was still surrounded by mystery and glamour. These days are long gone, if they existed at all. Today most photographers that are specialised in a niche sit at home doing nothing, have side jobs or do something totally different to generate an income. 

The Dutch photographer Vincent Hartman went to arts school at a later stage in his professional career and at that time de arts-school was still promoting specialization to photographers. From a marketing positioning point of view, he understood where they were coming from, but from a general business point of view he didn’t look forward to sitting at home. The family needed to be fed, the mortgage paid and more of those earthly demands. So he decided to continue to develop himself as a versatile photographer. A few years into the newly set up business he decided to add an English landing page to the website of STUDIOVHF. Why not catering for an international audience as well? Today the photography company has developed into a versatile professional photography studio including interior photography for interior design and office fit out companies.

Industrial photography Europe

STUDIOVHF is Vincent’s trading name for commercial and corporate photography. The website is now live for one year and is performing much better than the previous site where photography for the public and business were combined into one. It has helped to position the photo studio a bit higher up the ladder for advertising and corporate photography as well as interiors, product and editorial. A slight movement to specialization is perhaps taking place after all. The landing page in the English language has already generated some interest from overseas companies in the United Kingdom and The United States. Recently the photographer of STUDIOVHF was commissioned for an industrial photography job by an American advertising agency:

(Industrial photography at TP&T TOR Minerals in The Netherlands)

In this job various experience and techniques from interior photography, portrait photography and documentary photography came together. Industrial Photography can be anything from high-tech clean room situations, logistics, agricultural industry, metal and so on. The above job was a challenging one because of the extremely dusty environment caused by the Aluminium Hydroxide that was handled there. The material is used in applications reaching from medicine to laminate flooring and worktops as well as fire retardancy additions to fabrics and building materials. This was the first commission from an overseas customer since the six months that the English landing page on the site was live. Lets see what the future brings!