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Magnet fishing news

Early on Saturday evening, a magnetic fisherman found a World War II grenade at the steam pier in Utting, which was detonated on site by experts. But the joy of the find lasted only a short time, because the action has consequences for the teenager.

The 17-year-old from Utting was at the steam pier at around 5:45 p.m. with his girlfriend of the same age and went magnet fishing. During the very first cast, an object became stuck on his “fishing rod”. When the man from Utting pulled the object out of the water, he discovered that a World War II grenade had obviously become stuck on the magnet.

The Summerpark in Utting was closed while the grenade was detonated.
The Summerpark in Utting was closed during the detonation of the grenade.
Image: Thorsten Jordan (archive photo).
When the police patrol, alerted by the girlfriend, arrived at the Dampfersteg, extensive cordoning off measures were taken to ensure the safety of Utting residents. The grenade was obviously an unexploded ordnance. Until the arrival of the explosive ordnance disposal service, however, the Summerpark remained closed. The grenade could not be defused and was therefore blown up in the Ammersee five meters from the Dampfersteg. No one was injured and there was no damage to property, the police said.

Several charges await the young man from Utting
However, the magnet fishing has serious consequences for the 17-year-old. Because this is forbidden according to police in the Ammersee. Because even almost 76 years after the end of the Second World War, there are still objects in the Ammersee that are dangerous to the general public. Therefore, only specialists with the appropriate permission of the district office are allowed to search for such objects. The 17-year-old now awaits a charge of trespassing, since he entered the closed steam pier, as well as a charge of magnet fishing without permission.