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8 Things to Know about Coffee

Coffee is used as a pick me up across the world. In many countries, people start their day with a good cup of coffee and some will keep drinking it throughout the day to sustain energy levels. Coffee is also an excuse to meet up, have some relaxing time with a good book, or simply enjoy the many delicious coffee drinks or recipes.

Apart from being a beloved drink, coffee has lots of interesting facts to learn about. In the following write-up, we discuss a few of them so you can appreciate your coffee even more next time:

  1. Goats Loved Coffee

According to a legend, the effects of caffeine, which is the active ingredient of coffee, were discovered by Ethiopian shepherds when they found their goats a bit too happy after eating coffee berries. Apparently, the goats became frisky and prone to dancing. So next time you feel like conquering the world after a good cup of coffee, remember that there were once goats that felt the same way.

  1. Coffee in Religion

One of the most common things known about Islam across the world is the prohibition of alcohol for Muslims. Therefore, the rise of Islam was a significant factor in making coffee popular as it was considered an acceptable alternative for alcoholic or intoxicating drinks.

  1. All Coffee Comes From Bean Belt

The bean belt is the area between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. All coffee is grown in this area while Hawaii is the only state in the United States to grow it. So the coffee beans in your next cup may have traveled the world to make you happy.

  1. Controversial Coffee

History tells that the King of England banned coffee houses in 1675. The King was worried that people went to the coffee houses to conspire against him. We are fortunate that such a ban is quite difficult in the existing times or there would have been zero productivity at workplaces.

  1. Coffee is Commodity

Oil is the first most traded commodity on Earth. Following in second place is coffee. You can consider this a coincidence but both have the black liquid texture.

  1. Edible Coffee

Coffee beans were not always made into drinks. African tribes used to mix coffee berries with fat to make edible energy balls. We also eat coffee at times in form of coffee flavored cakes or cookies.

  1. Not the George Washington of the US

A Belgian man from Guatemala invented instant coffee. He was coincidently named George Washington, which may cause some people to confuse him with the founding father of the US.

  1. Arabica and Robusta

70% people in the world drink Arabica coffee while the rest drink Robusta. The Arabica is mild and aromatic but Robusta contains 50% more caffeine along with a bitter taste.

You can always learn even more about coffee as it is surely an intriguing topic. But if you are in search of delicious coffee, you must try Tassimo. Tassimo pods offers an unforgettable taste along with an energy burst to begin the day.