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Door lock – A door is never better than its locking device

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No matter what door is available for a house or apartment, there is a lot of literary hanging on the door lock. A subtle lock, also makes the best security door easyforced. The locking structure also needs to be clever and release qualified as needed, but prevent the throat’s advancement. It’s called the lock is homemade and unsafe.

Different types of door locks

A door lock can be manufactured in several different ways. Usually they are divided into three different types with the name cylinder lock, dual function lock and lock lock. The cylinder latches and the locking lock are divided into different safety classes, from one to five.

The cylinder latches are the classic door locks and are often fitted with a wrench on the inside for easy opening. Retention lock is a form of lock where discs used as locks are located in the lock case. These holders are affected by the cuts of the key. To unlock, key is always required. Common models are seawater lock and non-return lock.

In order for a door lock of trailer or cylinder model to be considered safe, at least grade 3 certification is required. The two-function lock is a smart solution where the door can be opened from the inside with a knob if it is also locked with the knob. However, if the door is locked with a key from the outside, the knob can not be used as a lock opener. Then the key is required to unlock the lock from the inside.

Certified door lock

Which door locks are considered as approved or not determined by insurance companies in the first place. They have a lot of self-interest in helping homeowners and apartment owners to choose easy locks. The policy indicates what is considered approved. They usually require a lock with a minimum level of security for class three and sometimes even other reinforcements, for example on karm.

The different classes of locks are divided as follows:

Class 1. The simplest form of door lock without requirement for burglary protection in real sense.

Class 2. A form of locks with certain protection against burglary exists, but there is the possibility of spaceclocking more important than the burglary aspect.

Class 3. Lock where the requirements for burglary safety are more important than evacuation safety.

Class 4. Lock with the same characteristics as in class three but there is also a drill cover for the lock case. In addition, a stronger door reinforcement will be.

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