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Photographer Scotland

Looking for a photographer in Scotland?

In the summer of 2016, photographer Vincent Hartman moved to Scotland. Not that Scotland has a shortage of talented and experienced photographers, on the contrary. In the Scotish central belt there are many very good photographers available in the various photographic disciplins and Edinburgh college continues to train and develop new talent. In the market for photography there is over supply of photographers and only if a photographer stands out they will have an existance. STUDIOVHF employs 3 photographers where there is only work for half of them. When the opportunity came along to combine his photography skills with his marketing background he took the plunge and moved to Scotland.

Commercial advertising photographer Scotland

So effectively STUDIOVHF now has a subsidiary in Scotland. The commercial and advertising photographer Vincent Hartman is based in the so called central belt, in between Glasgow and Edinburgh and will have some days available for commercial photography. STUDIOVHF works for advertising and marketing agencies and for marketing communication departments of private businesses and public organisations. The photographer works with a team of people on staged photography projects. In advertising photography the final image plays e key role in communicating the message. 

Portrait photographer Scotland

Obviously portrait photography is part of STUDIOVHF’s offering. This has been the most popular discipline of photography since it’s existance. In Scotland we limit ourselves to corporate portraits, social media profile pictures and beauty portraits. Both in the studio as on location. Photographer Vincent Hartman has been taking portraits since the early nineties and still isn’t bored. His style is onconventional and has a modern North European feel to it. He is a master in lighting techniques and always strives to technical perfection. The most important thing of portrait photography is of course that he will make you look even better then in real live. 

Product photography

It is envisaged that STUDIOVHF Scotland will also be active in the field of product photography. For the Scottish office interiors business Amos Beech a new website needs to be developed for the office furniture brand Samuel Bruce. Samuel Bruce produces desking systems for the corporate office interiors industry. A spacious studio is needed for this purpose and instead of shipping it all over the the studio in The Netherlands, a studio in Glasgow will be hired instead.

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