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Bike tour of Amsterdam

Are you planning on visiting or vacationing in Amsterdam sometime in the near future?  If so, you have probably seen that besides many people in the city, there are also many bicycles (even more than there are people)!Amsterdam has around 500 kilometers of cycling paths throughout the city which makes it the most bicycle-friendly city in the world. After spending any amount of time here, it is clear that the city is always busy and bustling, making cycling a convenient mode of transportation.

There are many areas of Amsterdam that are difficult to access by car or bus, but are easily accessible by bike. In addition, cycling is a fun and healthy option that allows visitors the chance to see the natural beauty of Amsterdam. If you want to visit the center of Amsterdam and really become familiar with the city and its hidden beauty, then you’re in the right place! Bike tour in Amsterdam is for you.

Bike tour in Amsterdam is possible in 7 different languages!

The best way to book a bike tour through Amsterdam is via We pride ourselves on providing a friendly, fluent, English speaking tour guide who will show you the city in a way that no one else can for a group of up to 10 people. Our local and well-trained guides know the ins and outs of the city of Amsterdam better than anyone and are excited to share them with you! Would you prefer to have your bike tour in Amsterdam led by a non-Dutch speaking guide? This is possible at On our website you are able to select from the following languages: English, Spanish, German, Portugese, Chinese or Russian.

Three different bike tour options! offers you three different, completely unique bike rides through Amsterdam’s city center. We believe that cycling in Amsterdam is the best way to enjoy our beautiful city! With us you can choose from the options below by clicking on the link, Bike tour Amsterdam.

  • Windmill and landscape tour
  • Johan Cruyff tour
  • Amsterdam Coffeeshop Tour

During all three bike tours we offer you the chance to see more of the city by taking you to the unique places in the city of Amsterdam. Our guarantee is that you will have a memorable day and encounter many of the special things Amsterdam has to offer on one of these beautiful bike rides.