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Runescape Woodcutting guide

Woodcutting is a skill in all Runescape games. Opposite to a lot of other skills, you do not need much. An axe and a tree are enough. If you are just starting with this skill, you can only cut normal trees. Eventually you will get better and cut all kind of threes. With the wood you gain from woodcutting you can use for construction, fletching and fire making. These are just examples. As a master woodcutter you can do a lot of other fun stuff with the wood you gain in your inventory. You can also sell everything for Runescape gold


With the mining skill you can use different tools for mining. The woodcutting skills are done with hatchets. You can use a lot of different tools for woodcutting. Most of them are free to play but 2 others are used by members only. With an better hatchet/axe you can get the wood faster from trees. You can use the following hatchets:

  • Bronze hatchet
  • Iron hatchet
  • Steel hatchet
  • Black hatchet
  • Mithril hatchet
  • Adamant hatchet
  • Rune hatchet
  • Dragon Hatchet (members only)
  • Crystal hatchet (members only)
  • Dwarven army axe (steel hatchet, pickaxe, needle, tinderbox and chisel in one, members only)
  • Sacred clay and volatile clay hatchets
  • Inferno adze

If you want you can also train this skill with Skillchompa’s. You can use the following for woodcutting training:

  • Cobalt skillchompa
  • Viridian skillchompa
  • Azure skillchompa
  • Chrimon skillchompa


In the wonderful world of Runescape you can cut a large variety of trees. We can’t list them all, because there are simply to many to keep it organised in a post. The most common three are the evergreen, tree and dead tree. The most uncommon ones are the elder and crystal trees.

Logs and training

How more rare a tree, the better logs and xp you get. Like every other skill in the game. You can use your logs to train the fire making skill or to create stuff. Good luck with cutting down those trees, gaining xp and RS gold!