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Binary options

Binary options

When you invest, you’re taking a risk. How big that risk is, depends on the type of investment. There are low-risk ways of investing that take some time, but there are also high-risk types of investments. Investing in a “binary option” is a short-term investment (sometimes 15 minutes, sometimes a couple of days) that is surprisingly low-risk for how fast these types of investments usually go for. By investing in a “binary option”, you are answering a basic question about a market or product: will the market or product be up or down by a certain time of day or by a certain date? You answer yes or no, and if your answer is right, you profit. If you lose, you never lose much. If you win, you probably won’t win more than 100 dollars, but it’s still a nice short-term investment.


Trading strategies

As with any type of investing, there are numerous ways to go about investing in a “binary option”. Some brokers might just offer the standard all-or-nothing options, which are very straightforward. Other brokers have several types of “binary options”, to switch it up a bit. There are “one-touch” options, “boundary options” and “ladder options”, all of which are a variation of “binary options”. If you’re confused about the different types of “binary options”, don’t hesitate to use your brokers resources to find out more information about them!

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