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Korean microfiber towels

Korean microfiber towels from TRC

The Rag company Europe is very proud to use the finest quality towels for car detailing. Because if you are looking for a premium quality ultra thirsty microfiber drying towel in an easy to handle size? Then The Rag Company Europe is the place to be at! We sell different kinds of korean media towels, from smal to very big. Some of our popular towels are for exampl;

The Plush microfiber towels Everest:

Reaching new heights in ultra plush microfiber detailing technology, the Everest 1100™ is an 1100 GSM version of the thickest, softest, beastliest detailing towel of them all. Ready to take on your loftiest detailing needs from no-rinse washes to compound-removal!

Platinum Pluffle Hybrid Weave Microfiber Towel:

introducing one of the most unique high-quality detailing towels ever produced – These PLATINUM PLUFFLE hybrid weave microfiber towels, exclusively by The Rag Company. It’s half-Plush / half-Waffle construction, also known as Hybrid Weave, creates an ultra-wicking action unlike any towel we have ever tested against (including our competitor’s highest-quality plush and waffle-weave towels). Silky soft premium plush Korean 70/30 blend fibers separated by waffle divots create a level of absorbency previously only imagined.

Korean microfiber towels USP’s

Why are Korean made microfiber towels that great? And as a matter of fact, why does TRC only sells Korean made microfiber products? It’s because of this:

  • Lint-Free / Non-Abrasive
  • Wiping Windows, Glass and Mirrors…or The Whole Car without stripes
  • Absorbs Up To 10 times Its Weight in Moisture!
  • Highest Korean Quality Split Microfiber
  • Effective Green Cleaning Solution to Remove Dust and Dirt Without the Use of Chemicals
  • Also Safe To Use On All Electronic Equipment and Screens / Optics
  • Extremely Durable – Ability to Withstand Hundreds of Washings

Discover superb detailing towels

The Korean Plush Microfiber Detail Towels have a high pile on both sides. Soft and plush with long fibers to pull particles away from the surface being wiped, Korean microfiber towels prevent scratching and swirl marks. These auto microfiber towels have an ultrasonic Zero Edge design, meaning you don’t have to worry about stitched or banded edges that can cause damage to soft paint.

We from The Rag Company Europe recommend these Auto detailing microfiber towels , they are great for wax and polish residue removal, quick detail sprays, rinseless car wash, and delicate finish work. Find more products in our webshop and order online!