Why underfloor heating?

We came a long way, heating ourselves with a campfire, a logfire and later a coalfire in a stove in the house. Although some of us here in Scotland still heat their houses with coal, for nostalgic reasons or because it’s all they’ve got, we have moved on now to gas and oil fired radiators or even electric. So it is time to look ahead now to the new standard in heating for both domestic and commercial properties: underfloor heating!


Underfloor heating gives an even heat distribution across the floor and the rest of the interior. The warmth is exactly where you want it to be: at your feet and cooler at your head. 

Incognito underfloor heating Scotland builds on a 10 year experience with underfloor heating in Scotland and the North of England and supplies and fits underfloor heating to homes and commercial interiors.

Design Freedom

With underfloorheating you have no radiators that limit where you want to position your furniture, curtains or internal walls. This greatly improves the design freedom for the architect, the interior designer and the user of the space.



Combined with renewable energy sources like heatpumps, underfloor heating is not only comfortable and beautifully invisible but also environmentally friendly. 

Healthy Environment

Underfloor heating works by circulating warm water through a series of continuous loops that are fitted underneath your
floor creating a large radiant surface that heats your room from the floor upwards. This radiation method creates fewer draughts and dust movements and explains why underfloor heating is considered to be the most comfortable and healthiest form of heating.


Also not unimportant here in Scotland is that underfloor heating is economical to run as is reaches it’s comfortlevels at a much lower overall temperature.

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