Underfloor heating Scotland


Underfloor heating the ideal solution for commercial property in Aberdeen, Scotland


All the reasons that people have to use underfloor heating systems in their homes are also applicable to commercial property. To bring you up to speed what these reasons are:

    1. Comfort


    1. Design Freedom


    1. Sustainability


    1. Healthy environment


    1. Economical


(underfloor heating at Canada Woods Kitchen and bar in Falkirk Scotland)


1. Comfort


In general, underfloor heating turns the floor in a great big radiant surface that heats the space right from the floor to about 2 meters above that. So that is ample space to keep warm feet and the head cool. So think about people eating out in your restaurant, relaxing at a pool, recovering in a hospital or people who want to be productive in an office or manufacturing environment. Even heat distribution eliminates cold spots fewer draughts.


2. Design Freedom


With constantly changing consumer buying behaviour, the interior layout and design of space in the hospitality industry and in retail needs to be flexible. With Incognito underfloor heating Scotland as a supplier and fitter on your side you will have the confidence of an experienced and reliable partner.



3/5. Sustainability and economics


Sustainability of energy consuming installations is becoming more and more at the forefront of running enterprises and public services industries. This is either for the believe in the good purpose, or for marketing communication reasons. A public body may have been given sustainability targets. Whatever the reason, with underfloor heating, you can feel confident that you will hit those targets much easier. With underfloor heating in commercial property the system is running at a much lower temperature than conventional heating systems for the same level of comfort. With a 1 or 2 degrees drop in temparature, a massive saving on the monthly bill can be achieved.


In combination with renewable energy sources this will improve even more!


4. Healthy environment


Ever thought about where these cold spots and draughts come from? They are a typical result from the use of conventional radiators that heat the air close to the radiator and sends this towards the ceiling to come down at the other end of the room, taking the dust with them. Not saying that their won’t be dust with underfloor heating, but it won’t be pushed around that much. So with underfloor heating you will have less dust spors and therfore cleaner air.