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Broken crane? You can find the spare part you are looking for at AVM Nederland

When your crane is broken, it is sometimes difficult to find that specific part you are looking for. AVM Nederland is committed to improving both the safety and the life of your equipment. It doesn’t matter which type of crane or brand you have. They can supply you with the spare parts you need, new or used. When you buy from AVM Nederland, you can expect to receive replacement crane parts that meet or exceed the original standards of your crane.

1500+ products in stock

Time is money, that is why they have +1500 products in stock at AVM Nederland to guarantee fast delivery. They do not only supply these in the Netherlands, but to customers from all over the world. They are able to deliver orders quickly and professionally to any desired address. The goal of AVM Nederland is to offer total customer satisfaction in the products and services we offer.

Full service company

In addition to the sale of crane parts, they specialize in reconditioning parts of axles such as the differentials, brakes and wheel ends. AVM Nederland is also available for the revision of a complete axle. All revisions take place in the workshop. They are therefore a full service company in the field of cranes. By combining these two services, they are the perfect partner for many customers in the field of brakes and axles. When something is broken, they are able to quickly solve many problems and defects.

So regardless of the brand of your crane or hoist, working with AVM Nederland is the best way to safely extend the life cycle of your cranes and to maximize your investment return in replacement hoist parts of the highest quality.