Are you coming to Amsterdam during your holidays, visit the Rembrandt House! Book your tour today!

With more than three decades of practical experience, Tours & Tickets is the company to visit for tickets and day tours in the Netherlands and Belgium. They are located in the bustling city centre of the Dutch capital and are always glad to help. In Amsterdam, many tourists walk past buildings that have an incredible history. The Rembrandt House Museum is a museum which houses drawings and etches of the master himself built next to one of his old houses in Amsterdam. A visit to this amazing attraction will show you the Amsterdam of the 17th century and how people, including Rembrandt, lived their lives.

Looking for a fascinating activity in Amsterdam? Come to the Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdam

He may have been one of the most significant painters of his time. Spending a large amount of time in Amsterdam he made the city his home. By visiting his old house, you can get an idea of how he lived in the Dutch capital in the 17th century. The museum houses more than 250 etches and drawings. This tour changes the way people see Amsterdam! Buy your ticket at the expert to ensure a good experience. Tours & Tickets have been working in the activity and day tour business for more than 30 years and give advice to tourists coming to Amsterdam and the Netherlands.

The Rembrandt House in Amsterdam is a top attraction, this company helps you to tickets

How did a legendary 17th century painter like Rembrandt van Rijn spend his time as an artist in Amsterdam? What did he paint when he was there? Tours & Tickets would love to invite you to this fantastic activity. In one of the master’s old homes in Amsterdam, the staff of the Rembrandt House Museum take you back to the way Rembrandt lived and show you belongings that he left behind. Would you like to go? Book your tickets today. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry Tours & Tickets is the place to go to for attractions and day tours around the Netherlands.